Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lots done, not sure how!

I have been playing with a few techniques over the past few days and finished up with Ellie painting today and i got a few things finished off. Firstly, above, I used the faux batik that Michelle had been advokating on Textile Challenges. I used the most cheap kids washable glue neat onto cotton, dribbled straight out of the bottle, on to cotton. I then let it dry thoroughly. I then painted it with acrylic paint and copper metallic fabric paint. I think it worked ot well, but I wished i had tea dyed the fabric first so that it was not as stark.

The next thing I did was to play around with the glue gun. I spirinkled embossing powder over the molten glue and then heated it with a heat tool. They have come out shiny and metallic, I love them, and so easy. I layed them on the scanner with two backgrounds I have made this week by laying the left over tissue paper from Ellie's doll packaging, over watered down PVA. I am going to use them on my C+G sketchbook. I added this photo of them below on felt so you could see the metallic effect properly.
The last thing I did was to try melting some acrylic felt. I zapped the white felt withthe tool and then added some embossing powder while still hot. I felt it wasn't sticking very well, so I painted the felt with acrylic. this resisted te melting process some, and then the embossing powder resisted it too. I like the way they have turned out thogh. Lots to think about, lots to fiddle further with. Ellie is off to nursery tommorrow so I can have a play day!


Angelcat said...

Wow these are lovely thanks for sharing your experiments, I might just have a go at a few of these myself it looks like a lot of fun!

Helen in the UK said...

Great colours - particularly like the first batik piece :)

Dianne said...

Isn't it fun to play?!! I love your bits of embossed glue pieces. I've never used embossing powder, but I have some - so guess what I'm going to try now!!?