Friday, January 26, 2007

Tast- Week 4 Cretan stitch

Here is my latest offering for TAST. This weeks stitch is Cretan stitch. I wasn't really looking forward to this one as I couldn't see that I could do many variations. However I am quite pleased with my sample. I tried varying the size of the "legs" to each side and the gap between each stitch. I also worked around a curve. I tried a knotted version, and whipped and laced.I also did some filled blocks as I had seen them in "Stitch Magic" again. I also worked further on varying the thickness of my thread as one of the comments I had had on previous TAST pieces was that I had used a variety of thicknesses well. I thought a lot about this as it hadn't been a concious thing, and so this time I did try to pay consideration to this, and as a result I undid my first stitches of the task this week. I had used far too heavy a thread to whip one section and so too it out. I am pleased with this sample and glad I could get much more than I expected from this stitch.


Dianne said...

You've done a great job. Love the addition of the beads and the sequin waste.

katelnorth said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Carol - your email address doesn't show, so I'll have to reply via commenting... someday blogger will get it's act together, maybe!

I love browsing around the other TAST people for ideas - there is so much you can do with stitches and it's an area I'm just beginning to explore so everyone with anything slightly different, I just love.

I've been admiring all the 1x1 squares around blogland, too - luckily, I didn't know about any of those swaps before they started, as I really don't need to join another swap or challenge, but they look just amazing and I love watching the progress.

See you around!

Elizabeth said...

Great stitching, I love the layout. I think that whisp rich red brown thread along the right side is beautiful. Wow! so many things that caught my attention and kept me looking.

JoWynn Johns said...

Very interesting, pleasing piece. Lots of good ideas.