Thursday, January 04, 2007

Piece for Textile Challenges

I have been working on heat seting now for weeks now, as you wil know if you read this blog, trying to resolve my hanging for C+G. I started out looking at water over the sand and have been struggling with it of late. I have decided to make a hangning that can be viewed sighted or unsighted, and that is meant to be touched and manipulated by the viewer to capture some of the elusive qualities of water. That it can be changed. So I set out to do some work for college and thought it could double as my altering the surface for my group textile challenges. I gathered up the taffeta by hand and then heat set it and below you will see how I integrated it on to the background of felt. i think it has worked out well. i treied to work in a similar way to the piece for flicsha's card a few posts ago. I brought in the diamond shapes i have been working with but found it hard to bring in the ripples. When I did couch a piece of yarn down it crushed the heat set fold and ripples.

This (above) is an offcut made into an ATC for the one on one swap. I have added glue gun pieces embossed with embossing powder.I just stitched these on and added some bugle beads and seed beads in copper for extra sparkle.
I also tried couching straight onto the taffeta with yarns. I think this has turned out nicley, but I don't think at the mo this will end up in the final piece. I now need to work on how I am going to do the pieces that will be able to be manipulated. I think I am getting somewhere now.


Judy Scott said...

Hello I think we could be in the same 1" swap organised by Sara ~ so wanted to say hello. What wonderful ideas you have going on here, I too have done my City and Guilds in Creative Embroidery and thoroughly enjoyed it, that was way back in 2003 ~ unfortunately my local collage no longer does the course :( So I couldnt move on to the part 2 as it was back then. Well hope to see lots more of your work and will stop by again, Jude xx

thecre8ivemum said...

this is such good thought out work carol ..... a pat on the back is in order
jan x

Helen in the UK said...

Looks like your experiments are going great. I adore that ATC - great texture and the embossed glue just adds the right amount of contrast and focus. Love it :)

Dianne said...

I love all your experiments Carol, and how you explain what you've been doing. Thanks!!