Friday, January 19, 2007

Tast 3 - Detatched chain

Here is my offering for Tast week 3 - Detatched chain. I took my inspiration from Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn's book Stitch Magic. So from the top left I have
  • Random detatched in 3 threads
  • Long stitches pulled tight.
  • Lazy daisy (well it had to be done!)
  • Long chain with shorter rounder over the top at 45 degrees.
  • Worked on the diagonal and then a bead in the centre.
  • Randon in two thicknesses with a long tail.
  • Long randon in thin perle.
  • Smal rounded in regular lines.
  • Thick cotton thread with very long tails
  • Rounded in thich thread wrapped and buttonholed.
  • Small gold thread used to couch thich thread. Bead added when making the anchoring stitch.
  • Overlayed in 3 threads
  • 3 long stitches woven with a contrasting colour.
  • 2 large stitches with a loose tension.
  • 3 long stitches in thick thread with mid sized anchoring stitch, worked in opposites.

I think this was quite a comprehensive working of the stitch, but I am sure I could have done even more if i had put my mind to it. This was a lovely stitch to work, very versatile. I am really enjoying this task and seems to be my friday after work job!


Dianne said...

Great samples!! (I haven't done mine yet - better get started!!)

StegArt said...

This is a great sampler...and it's so funny, I just saw that picture you refer to in Jan & Jean's book earlier today.

Sue B said...

Wonderful samples Carol! I really like the colors that you used.

Helen in the UK said...

This is a great sampler of stitches. I found it very difficult to come up with any variations - I obviously wasn't inventive enough! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Elizabeth said...

Great work on this sampler. Thanks for creative exploration!

Dy said...

What a great sampler and accompanying explanation. And I love your subtle colour scheme too.

neki desu said...

great sample full of possibilities,your explanations are great too

neki desu

barbara ac said...

Thanks for comments on my blog, Carol. I'm glad I've discovered yours - they are both so interesting and give me itchy fingers! Must look up JB +JL

Beth M said...

I love your sampler. Since we started TAST, I've been looking at this exercise in Stitch Magic. I just haven't gotten it together to use it.

katelnorth said...

Love the way you have done your sampler in little squares - my TAST samplers are so dull because I just do a little here and a little there and then it looks like rubbish practice... This looks like art!