Sunday, January 07, 2007

Felt and tyvek experiments

I have been messing about with felt and tyvek this weekend to try to get more control over the ripples. I also wanted to get round the problems i had been having with couching over the heat setting, as the couching made the heat setting too flat if done after. I started by free machining into taffeta over tyvek ( which is ironically the 3rd picture) but this seemsed to drag everything into a shrunken circle, and it felt crispy! So I tried using cheap acrylic felt and free machining. I then zapped the back with the hot tool. This worked out well so then i treid a small couched sample, and this has turned out delicious. Lots of control. However i have been making a card in the same way to swap with Anna Nowicki and had over stitched as the stitching acts as a resist to the shrinking. AH well you live and learn! Think this will get a look in on my C+G piece. I also used this piece as a staring point for a new swap group I have joined. it is a 1x1 art sqaures swap, where you make 1 inch sqaure mini pieces of art. I am swapping with 7 ladies and i choose the colour gold, so I will get all the gold squares back at the end to mount up as I want. Can't wait. Check out their blog it is fab.


Sue B said...

I love this piece - it's gorgeous! I have not had much success with tyvek.

Purple Missus said...

Like Sue, I haen't had much success with tyvek but you have inspired me to try again.
I particularly like the top one, reminds me of a river running through a rocky terrain.

Carol said...

Thanks both, these are lovely comments, I see the river too! I used the tyvek underneath the fabric to pull the fabric together, and manipulate the surface. Have you read Sndra Meech's craetive quilts book, there is a nice piece on tyvek in there, worth a look.

Carol said...

Oh my goodness these are gorgeous. I have played a lot with tyvek but not like this. I have Sandra's book but can't recall seeing the tyvek - maybe I have just forgotten.

Great work.