Sunday, January 14, 2007

Journal quilt

At last after a lot of thinking I made a start in my January journal quilt for FAT. I had made the background some weeks ago as a challenge leading from my group, when carol challenged us to use our xmas letovers for something nice, so i tried a background using the leftover paper hats, using a technique from "Celebrate your creative self". It was a thin layer of watered down PVA onto paper and then dropping the tissue on to get good texture. To integrate it all i put a wash of dark red acrylic paint over. I have now added flames over that using the clingfilm technique I have seen on Dianne's (Faerydi) blog. I layered up diamonds of organza onto a layer of cling film in reds and dark pinks, and then added some gold and yellow net at the bottom on the last layer. I must have done 4/5 layers. I have now integrated the pieces with free machining. Now I forgot to say the theme I am doing is "The devil's in the details". NJ came up with the lovely idea of using QA's challenge of "What's in a name" to do for our January JQ's. This means that if we send them off there is a chance they may be published in QA, and that's my aim. I have never done anything that says that I am a ligit textile artist, not just a teacher. I avaoid the term like the plague as I used it once amongst family and friends and they roared laughing! So here we go i am trying hard to prove them wrong.

I choose to look at the 7 deadly sins as my details, which is a bit obvious I suppose. I thought of doing it as a cross, and having the detail in the cross, e.g. sins lurking amongst virtue, but I decided as this was to be published in America and not here, american's have a stronger collective faith, and i wouldn't want to upset anyone, still think it would be a nice idea to follow up for my own personal work. So amongst the flames they now are and as you can see i have added a green eye for Envy, a mouth for Gluttony, which I intend to go back to and work on further as I found a site on the sins this morning, and it equated sins to colour, and gluttony is Orange. I have added 3 pink hearts for Lust, which are hard to see and wil need more work including adding blue ( again colour of the sin). I am going to put on pennies for Greed and then I am out of ideas, i am mulling over the next step and will let you know what i am going to add wheni think of it!!! Watch this space.


Elizabet said...

Hi Carol, thanks for the comment on my blog. I will try what you suggested and see how it turns out!
Did you notice a lot of shrinkage? And I had my iron on as hot as it will go!

Dianne said...

I am definately watching this space!! I love how your journal quilt is turning out. The colours are just fab! I will be watching to what's next. (It looks brilliant as is!!)

Sara said...

carol, i think i found my answer here. are people wondering if you are a legit textile artist? are you kidding? you get a big certificate from me! LOL