Friday, February 09, 2007

turquoise and aqua art squares

(Incase your looking back I have deleted the picture if my little one for safety! edited FEB 17th)

Had a snow day today, got sent home from school at 11.50am, but didn't actually get in the house until 12.50! Normally my journey is 10 minutes! So I have had a fun afternoon here of fiddling as Ellie-May has been adjitated to say the least! I have done my turquoise and aqua squares. I have to say there is not much aqua, but I did my best. I used the dance fabric again and this time used the soldering iron to make holes in the turquoise felt and to score lines. I love this it works so well. I couched down the electical cable that I used for the last one, and threads. I used eyelet stitch to hold down holes in the felt, buttons, beads etc. I have used some of Ellie's jewellery "thread", which is like plastic clear tube, it worked nicely and gave a nice contrast to the matt of the cable. Again, i loved doing these. People have been commenting that these must be hard to work on, but they are not at all. They are very enjoyable and short, a lovely feeling to complete something outright, also a good excercise in composition.I am going to be sorry to finish them, i would like to make something usig these on it, i might save it for a birthday, or a friend of mine is pregnant so perhaps something for the new baby.
The other photo's are of my DD in the snow! Ellie was so over excited, if you look closely you can see her wellies are on the wrong feet! Don't you love the snowman's arms! I don't know how Ellie was able to make him look like a kids drawing but she did! And before you say it no i did not let her play in the snow coatless! We went in for the camera, and as usual she stripped off the coat, and then decided she wanted her piccie with the snowman!


Sue B said...

These squares are wonderful and Ellie is too cute!

Judy Scott said...

Hi Ellie what a star she is and such a brilliant snow man, Carol your squares are brilliant and so full of treasure Im afraid I've been distracted by a certain new group Ive joined so havent started my last two!!!! Im loving being there ~ thankyou so much xx. See you soon xxJude x

Dianne said...

Great squares Carol. Ellie - she's a sweetie, and love her snowman and her pink gum boots - I want some!!