Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lots today

Morning all! Here are the fruits of my labours over the last few days. I finally finished the sketchbook, allthough now i wonder if it is too nice/big to take on holiday (A4 size). i love how it turned out. however attatching the front and back cover were not that easy. i decided to put mount board inside to stiffen them and of course this made it harder to sew.

Here are the signatures. I added pockets to the front and back cover to keep my pens and pencils.

Here is the back cover. I found lovely shell buttons and letter beads in Jac's crafts in Swansea.

The next thing is a mini dotee doll for Ellie's nursery owner, Hannah. She does a lovely job with the kids and Little monkeys is a fantastic nursery, so I wanted to give her a little treat. She was asking Ellie about her little doll yesterday so I thought I would make her one for her keys. It has a little bead at the bottom with a "H" on it. I put the 50p on it to help you see the scale.
Lastly Carol Clasper gave me the Nice matters award, I was blown over! She has been such an inspiration and a big help to me always sharing her tips and advice with me. She would be number one on my list of people to give the award to, but since she already has it share the wealth I say! So as hard as this is here's my pick of 7:
1. Jan of Creative threads blog - she is my bestest best internet friend. We met right when I started finding things on the internet and she made me the lovely journal below. She helps me moderate Textile challenges, and for that I am very grateful.
2. Lynda of Purple Missus blog - Lynda has always been so giving to me, always free with advice and helpful critique. Thanks Lynda - talking to you is always so much fun, Lynda has a wicked sense of humour!
3. Mags of Digital Gran blog - Mags is my only welsh speaking internet friend and we do so enjoy chatting in welsh, Mags keep my written Welsh in practice, ropey so it is! Diolch Mags am fod more caredig a fodlon i helpu.
4.Carol of Textile Tales- is a constant source of inspiration, a feast for the eyes. Love your work Carol, and am greateful that you allow me to ask about your techniques.
5. Dot of My life, my values my art blog - she is the inventor of the Dotee doll, they have made me very happy the last few days, and I am grateful for Dot sharing the method with me. She is a very giving person, and is going through a house move at the mo and I hope this award will brighten her day!
6. Judy of Judy Scott blog - for Judy's art lifts my day. She always uses such lovely colours, a variety of media and is totally inspirational. not to mention the award will blend beautifully with her vintage style!
7. And lastly Di of FaeryDi's blog - Di always uses the loveliest of colours and makes me happy! I love her art work, the textures she creates. She is an inspiration.
Well if i missed you out I am sorry, but to be honest i could go on all day. Hope you all have a lovely rest of the day.


Susan D said...

Carol your journal is brilliant far to nice to take on holiday, what if you lost it.

Annica said...

Your sketchbook is gorgeous! I hope you'll have a great holiday and that you'll be able to fill it with wonderful things!

StegArt said...

You should be very proud of yourself, that sketchbook is fabulous! Love the dottee doll too.

Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Carol, You're sketchbook is lovely!!!! Beautiful done.

Purple Missus said...

Your sketchbook is superb Carol, you've done a brilliant job on it.
Thanks too for the nomination - I'm very chuffed! I count myself fortunate that I can call you a friend.

Carol said...

Your sketchbook has turned out beautifully Carol. When I made mine I folded the A4 pages in half to give an A5 sized journal that is much easier to carry around - I obviously didn't read the instructions. HTH

Sue B said...

Carol that book is fantastic. wow! Beautifully done!

kartklan said...

I have looked at your blog quite a few times now and find it really inspirational, thank you. I have a question to ask.., what is a "signature" as referred to in the post about your sketchbook!

Dianne said...

Carol this is just brilliant!!! I love the covers and the matching signatures. I don't know if I could use it either - it really is too nice!!! Thankyou for the nomination - I am very honoured as I do consider you one of my best cyber buddies!!!

Mermaid's Purse said...

The book is beautiful - VERY creative!!