Monday, August 06, 2007

New Dotee doll for a very demanding customer

I made another Dotee doll for Ellie, my little girl. Now she was VERY specific about her doll, here were her list of demands
  1. Must be purple
  2. Must have pink too.
  3. Must have eyes open, green.
  4. Must have purple eye make up.
  5. Must have pink lipstick.
  6. Must have a hand bag.
Not too much to ask if your 4 I guess. Well she was happy, and if she's happy so are we all here!
(I took a lovely photo of her and the ellie doll, but Dad doesn't want her pic on line, and I understand that!)


Doreen G said...

Carol--that is one beautiful Dotee doll and I love her handbag.

Dot said...

He hee.....I am grinning from ear to ear after seeing this Dotee doll. I love the list of demands your little girl had for her own doll. Love her legs and the handbag.

Seeing this little doll made my day!

Dy said...

How priceless! :-)
And I love the doll, she's gorgeous, not to mention oh so en vogue with her colours!

Alis said...

Well, you seem to have ticked all the boxes ;0)
Great job, I love it.

Dianne said...

What a great job you`ve done with all of those demands - oh, to have a little girl!!! Love the handbag.