Saturday, October 28, 2006

I thought I'd show what Ive been up to. I have been sampling some heat set gathers to make the ripples for my C+G work. I gathered the fabric, which is polyester satin, a very heavy weight one, and taffeta. I then cooked them in the oven in a baking paper parcel for 15 minutes. the creases are now set premanently. i think they have turned out well, I now need to work into them with stitches before heat setting. The last one was foiled before putting it to cook, but the scan doesn't show it well.


sue b said...

Oh it looks yummy! Looks like ribbons of chocolate. Very cool!

arlee said...

Could you share the "recipe" for heat setting like that please? Looks absolutely wonderful---and a great way to finally use the polyesters that are in my stash! Please please please????:}

Maureen said...

The textures are GREAT!
I thought at first that you'd "perfected" using Chisimi thread with a heavy fabric.......I'm still having problems with lightweight fabrics!