Sunday, October 08, 2006

Momento's and crayon work

Hia, i thought I'd share these images with you. The two skinny ones are the front and back of the momento's that I made to swap with my journal quilt group on FAT. I used the lyric from the Stereophonics, "Everyday I thank the lord I'm Welsh" and translated it into Welsh "Pob dydd dwi'n diolch I Ddyw am fod yn Gymraes" and added the Welsh flag and a flower that I had used on my journal quilt. Having already recieved one from Judith I don't know if mine are as good as others, but what the heck!

The next image is from my recent experiments with
crayons for my C+G. I also am going to use them for my crayon cards for FAI. I melted some crayon chips between two pieces of baking parchment and then peeled them apart and placed a pice of cotton in the middle and then re ironed. I also ironed the crayons off the cotton onto some white photocopy paper, to remove the excess wax, and because I used transfer crayons I was able to use this to reprint onto polyester etc. Very economical! I have been messing with the colours of this scan so that it can fit in with my C+G stuff on water over the sand. I am playing with the idea of making a hanging piece that can be changed by the viewer, so I hope that it works out, as with my hubby's sight I would like the piece to be viewed unsighted also. Hope that it works out, will keep you posted!

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Helen in the UK said...

I think these make great momentoes - and truly unique :)