Saturday, October 14, 2006

I thought I'd show you this piece of work I have been working on for college for two reasons. Firstly it is my latest sample for my sand project but secondly as it is the example I have given for my first challenge on textilechallenges. I have set a cut back applique challenge and hope that everyone will be able to find some challenge from this
, be it if they have never done cut back before or if they have done it a million times. I have tested some of the more experienced stitchers to add a challenging layer, like wireform, as in my picture here, or shim, or a pre-stitched piece etc. I haven't set a theme hoping that people will be able to come up with things for that. We'll see. Hope this thing works out. I am pleased with this sample.

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Carol said...

This looks a lovely sample, I love the colours