Sunday, October 08, 2006

Secrets in the bag

I thought I'd update you on the secrets in the bag project, since now Gwen, my partner has recieved hers. The first image shows the bag of goodies I recieved and the next three are the cards I made. Gwen generously allowed me to donate the third card to Fiberarts for a cause, which will raise money for the American Cancer Association. I enjoyed this task, it was challenging working with other peoples thoughts and preferences.

I also wanted to get a feeling for an idea I have been toying with. I have been thinking about setting up a yahoo group where there would be no swaps but rather challenges for people to have a go at and then post their interpretation of the task. A sharing of techniques and ideas really. I have been discussing this with quite a few people lately, especially Jan and I like the idea of somewhere we can be totally free of swaps and other people's expectations but still have a chance to see other people's ideas and to tutorial each other on what we could add\ do differently etc. Can anyone who would be interested leave a comment for me to gauge the worth of doing this? Let me know.


Helen in the UK said...

Love your Secrets cards and great idea to donate the third card to FFAC.
I would probably be interested in your group idea as long as there was no pressure to take part in the challenges within a short time span :)

Angelcat said...

Your yahoo group sounds like fun. I have promised myself that I will cut back on swaps for next year and spend some more time learning new skills and making some things just for me. Your group sounds like just the thing!

Carol said...

Hia helen, there would be no pressure as the only thing you do at the end is post your photo. Have a look see what you think.

Maureen said...

Like Helen,I'm in favour of Challenges without swaps,solely for the mental stimulation...I know my next few months are going to be too crazy for Swap timetables,but I cant live without a challenge or two to keep the grey matter working!

emmyschoonbeek said...

Hello Carol
Thank you for the nice comment on my blog .the work you commented on is for a swap .
It is a art journal swap we make a page ,front and back for one person the person named a theme ,the front of the page is the theme and the backside of the page is your choise , there are 7 people involved so at the end you have a fabfic art journal
we made one journal already on my blog is a link to fabrick Art Journal ....
about your yahoo group that sounds good maybe i join :)