Friday, November 03, 2006

Finish it up friday on FAT

Hello all and today has been finish it up friday. FAT 's lovely list mom NJ set today as finishing day, so I thought I'd get my finger out! I have had my tri-fold cards for FAI on the go for a while and so I thought I'd get them done today. I have been plaing with layers a lots lately, with the cut back challenge for my yahoo group textiles challenges and all. So I have layered up taffeta, snippets of organza left over from previous tasks, and overlaid with chifon. I then free machined over the top. The really twinkly one has a middle layer of angelina and I have cut back part of the squares and held them back with a buggle bead. I also used he most gorgeous piece of green slubed silk and quilted and maniputaed pleats for the green cards. I hope the prospective owners like them. Inside I stamped a tree stamp onto white cotton and appliqued it on to a red taffeta quilted ack ground.

I then went on to work on my stitched ground layer for my challenge, I had promised my C+G tutor Enid Davies that I would put a stitched into layer into a cut back, so off I set to do it. I layered up my manmade taffeta which I have been using for my heat setting work, (see previous post) with some interlining. I then whip stitched on the machine the central lines, I used a drak brown on the top and a gold underneath. I was hoping the gold would show more but it hasn't, so I will ave to think about this a bit more, maybe invert the colours. I then did my first bit of cable stitch ever on the lighter diamond areas. I love the way the tension has pulled the taffeta into ripples. So hence why I will not be using it as the ground for cut back. It is such a lovly sample in it's own right I can not cover it up! Something always stops me sorting out that layer, and I must get it done ASAP as the deadline for challenge 1 is fast approaching, on the 14/11/06. Next time I am not going to do a pattern but just machine all over so I don't mind cutting back to it! Let's hope that works!!!


jackie said...

Thanks for your comments, it looks as if you are doing some interesting work for your course. The heat setting is unusual.

jackie said...

Thank you for letting me know about your group. I am really busy at the moment but may take up the offer in 2007 as I am about to give up full time work.