Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Heat setting recipy?!

Arlee had asked me to post how I did my heat setting, and I keep forgetting, so I'm doing it now before I forget again! I gathered up my fabric with cotton thread, just incase I melted the polyester thread. Wheni was happy with them i put them in a backing parchment parcel, or I have been told that the silicone sheet for the bottom of the oven, or baking on work well too. This is to stop too much direct heat. I then put it in a ceramic dish, because one of my friends at college had told me that if you touch the polyester on the metal of a baking tray you get one hell of a mess! I then pre heated the oven at 200 degrees. i baked them for about 30 minutews, which was longer than I expected, i had been told by Robbie at college to do it high and fast, e.g. high heat and not for long time, so I thought 30 minutes was quite long. I took them out a couple of times to check on, a few on the edges were a bit crisp, but I quite liked this. I have also heard that you can do this in a vegetable steamer, see Michelle Griffiths ( by the way a fantastic WELSH textile artist) on Workshop on the web, she has a tutorial there, I forget which month now. Hope this helps Arlee!

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arlee said...

Thank you! Will have to try that myself---love the results.
And all of your work is FAbu!!!