Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I have had a success this wekk, and I am really pleased with the result. As I have said in previous blogs, i have been wresling withthe cjallenge set by ME! for my textiles challenges yahoo group. I had done one reverse or cut back applique sample to show the group before we started, with wireform in it. I then wanted to do a stitched layer for the bottom layer of my real submition piece, but when I did one last I found I liked it so much that I didn't want to cover it up! This time I wasn't so precious and i just sprinkled supermend down and foiled those areas with gold, silver and copper foil.
Then I free machined some bubbly white water where the foil was.

With this as a guide I then turned it over and worked in cable stitch some wiggly reflection lines in a few colours in cotton perle. I also worked some diamons which seem to keep recurring in my work of late from the drawings of the fresh water outlet at caswell bay, on the Gower (see drawing). The middle layer of the cut back was a pice of fused angelina fiber, two hot fix colours and a non heat fix gold mixed in. The top layer is taffeta. I then used the free machining as a guideline for the sewing through the three layers. I also did this in a fine gold cotton perle.

I am pleased with the result although I think I need to integrate the top layer a bit more, I like the piece with the bubbles at the top and I think it could do with more of this. I have class on Thursday and can't decide whether to do some more or wait and talk to Enid, I have a feeling she would just agree with me, so I may as well get it done before I see her. What do you think, constructive critisism welcome?

Underneath that is what I did at design class last night. Enid found some copper shim, because I had missed the foiling class the week before. I used the design which is drawn out above and I used a well rounded pencil to press through onto some foam, you know the stuff the kids have. I love the way it has turned out. the first scan is the back and the second one is after I have painted it with blue and green glass paints. I want to do more of this, and sew into it, it is so tactile and in keeping with my want for the finished piece to be viewed unsighted.

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Hannah Katarski said...

I like this bottom piece here. Is this the copper shim or the foam? Anyway I like the effect. I often play around with foam and have found a really cheap source - meat trays! Thought you might be interested. In Aistralia, we usually buy steaks and such on a tray made of styrofoam. Wash it and you're away!!