Friday, January 04, 2008

Adventures in foil


Foil and fabric

I have been reading about Lynda's adventures in foil, and since I have been thinking about industry and rusty metal for my C+G thins month I decided to have a go. Now not being of Lynda' vast wealth!(giggle!) I haven't got Golden gels etc so i used trusty PVA from the pound shop onto muslin and it worked a treat! I also mixed the PVA with the acrylic paint I painted on, now this could do with another coat but other than that it worked real well. I also layed up some textured wallpapers to use for the challenge on TC, my group, this month as we are doing the Quilting arts True colours challenge this month and so I have been thinking about a piece where the true colours come through from beneath, a hidden Gem? So that's what the other bits are for.
Then of course the embellisher I have made a piece from the off cut of the foil paper and added it with the automatic stitches on the Janome memory craft that I have from school. I then embellished the felt backing through to the front which has given it a real nice sheen. I love the embellisher. I also made a quick piece based on the febuary Calendar girls picture, I don't know if i'll use this one as I have something else in the pipeline but I had so much fun with it. I appliqued the petals which were acrylic felt onto a pink piece of acrylic felt and added some silk for the centre and leaves and stems. What fun, I don't know what else i am going to do with it but i can see lots of samples!


Debbi Baker said...

Hi Carol - I LOVE what you are doing with the foils and that last piece with the sliver is awesome. Incredibly eyecatching ! Have fun with the embellisher - they really are a lot of fun - I've only had mine for 5 months but I can't imagine life without it now!!

Purple Missus said...

The embellisher has certainly got you going :)Glad the PVA worked out. I'll try it and do a comparison. The pieces you show in your video clip are fantastic and Ilove your hidden gem idea. Your enthusiasm is jumping off the page once more.

Pat said...

Congratulations on the embellisher and it didn't take you long to put it to good use. I like what you have done with the February picture I bet it is fab in reality.

Sandy said...

The foils worked nicely and the felting. Sandy