Thursday, January 31, 2008

Layout - Watcha think?????

I wondered if some of you lovelies would give me some honest opinions about this piece, I have added some copper and some of those things from the backs of Ellie's toy packaging. I have added some washers painted and couched on too. Now i want some opinions, I am not sure about it??? Thanks for your help in advance!


Alis said...

Well my first reaction was "Oh I like that", then I read what you had written so looked again.
I'm sorry but I still like it ;0)
Turquoise is my colour of the moment and I love it with copper.

Sue B said...

I think it's great, I do love turquoise and copper together. I think though that it might benefit from a third color - maybe some black? Perhaps a border to provide some closure to the piece?

Debbi Baker said...

Lucky I read the comments first as I was about to say exactly what Sue has said. I'd darken the edges with black paint - probably sponged on so that you get a graduated effect. I think it would provide a great contrast and intensify the effect of the copper and turquoise. And because I love text I would stamp some text in black and maybe copper paint with rubber stamps on some of the larger turquoise grid areas.

Michelle said...

I think it's a great piece - and clever of you to save those little plastic packaging pieces! I like the unexpected circle element you've added. My thought was that it could use a LARGE circle (or partial circle) somewhere on the piece to draw more attention to that element.

Purple Missus said...

Debbi has already said it all :))
You won't go far wrong if you listen to her.
Go slowly though, you can always add more but you can't take it away!
These colours are gorgeous together.

Dianne said...

I really like it!! The blue and the copper together look wonderful.