Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Further to the drawing more design work

This term we are looking at form in college and i explained last post that i have decided to look at the plight of the Welsh miner's wife as the source of inspiration. We had to do paper mache and so I used the flat iron as a mould . I had to cut the paper off the iron and rejoin it but it has worked out well. Enid asked me how i was going to decorate it and so i had thought about emulsion and ink but then having idea showered the topic, i thought about make do and mend and how my grandmother would make her childrens clothing so i found a vintage child's pattern in school for a dress and used that to finish it off.

I also made an armourture from newspaper for a large peg. It isn't as porportianal as i would have likes but I am pleased with it.

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Purple Missus said...

Really clever idea Carol. I think you were right going with the old pattern.