Sunday, February 03, 2008


I have made additions to the paper quilt taking into account what michelle said about adding a large circle. I felt that the eye wasn't able to travel around the piece very well so i have been beading away, so much so i have worn a groove in my finger!!!! I wanted the beads to look like crusty corroded bits. i have tried to add a circlular shape all be it a broken one. I want to do what Debbie suggested too and darken up the edges, but I don't think i will go quite as far as black maybe a much darker turquoise, mixed up with black. I may put a black binding on however. Thanks girls for all your help and advice, this is what i love about blogging. I think I might add some stright stitches in a dark turquoise perle to help the circle shape. I love deb's idea of text but i don't know what I want to say yet!

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Purple Missus said...

Its looking more interesting already. Perfect colour choice with the beads. You're getting there :)