Saturday, February 16, 2008


A quick link for you, my little sister Sian has started a blog to record her knitting and crochet. She has caught the bug!!! She has been making loads of hats, and you have the added bonus of seeing what I would look like if I was thin! Go check her out and leave her some comments, I am sure she will be chuffed!
Now on to me! Today I have been having a total play. I am making cuffs or C+G but I wanted to play with the embellisher today, just for fun, so I made 2 cuffs, one for Sianabanana! and one for me.

I used a card frame to wrap the yarn around and then I embellished it and cut it off when joined. I felted the yarn in to make the tie. I am pleased with how it turned out, it relies totally on the gorgeousness of the rowan yarn I bought, but then it is just the start of a bit of play. Plese excuse my knarly scar, that's where I had surgery after the dog bit me a few years ago, a lasting reminder.


Purple Missus said...

Love the cuff - keep meaning to have a go at these. Is yours a slip on one or wraparound? And if its slip on - how did you join it?

Alis said...

It's lovely Carol.

Your sisters blog is great ;0)

Papoosue said...

How lovely Carol, reallllly nice! Thanks for your message on my blog btw, it was good to hear from you. It's been so nice to look through your blog and catch up on all the gorgeous things you've been making. Off to have a look at your little sis' blog now! xx

Kim said...

Lovely and I really like the color.