Friday, February 22, 2008

Arch and pin

I have been trying to get some of my commitments done early this month for a change! The first is my arch for swap on my group Textiles challenges, and it is for Alis. She suggested a great many things including pink and mermaids, so I wet with this. I made a mermaid Dottie doll complete with scales! and a sea background.
She sits in a wave pocket.
The background is a bit of mop up cloth from a painting day. and below is a piece of silk that I dyed. This is the back of it. I painted some foil and stitched hearts on the back.
This lead me to the pin I need to make for a swap on Alis' group Unlimited textiles. I embellished the background with some thread that had broken free from a spool, I put this between two pieces of Lynda's dyed scrim and embellished it. I then added a piece of the painted foil ad beaded it. I added a brooch back and wa - la!!!! The theme was passion.


Purple Missus said...

You're on a roll now - these are very whimsical. The 'wave pocket' is a brilliant idea. Well done you.

Kim said...

Sweet! and I agree... love the wave pocket.

Alis said...

I absolutely adore my mermaid and the pocket is a stroke of genius ;0)
Thank you.