Monday, February 25, 2008

Bit of fun - TIF

I was thinking about TIF and my Wonderwoman thing. I wanted to do something fitting of my age now as god help i couldn't get away with the outfit now, and was thinking about my preoccupation with cuffs of late. Well I decided that this probably began with Wonderwoman's cuffs. So I decided to use some of my fabric to make a wonderwoman cuff. I also used it as a toille for the others I am going to make in my industry unit, as i wanted to see if the closure I was thinking of using would work. and YEY! it does.
I used 2 1inch curtain rings, and it works a treat, and greater news I can put it on myself, rather than having to nag DH.
I used some of my foil painted in turquoise and copper.
and wa la!


Jan said...

You clever girl this is such a good idea.

Purple Missus said...

I have visions of that arm being attached to a wonderwoman outfit clad body *LOL*
Surely that would spice up the night time :)
Isn't it satisfying when you work your way through something and get the result you want.
A brilliant idea.

SianaBanana said...

Hi Sis, liking the cuff!! what you like!

Kim said...

Most excellent. Wonderful solution to Feb TIFC... honoring your inner Wonder Woman!

friedaquilter said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Carol, and for leaving a lovely comments. Love the cuff idea. And I see you're doing the Cyber Fyber trade too. Isn't it fun. I'll keep an eye out for your pieces there!

fiona d said...

this is so different - I love it!

Rice said...

How cool! I never got my Feb finished. Sigh... I did however get your postcard done. It will be in the mail on Monday. : )

I also tagged you. : )
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Have Fun! : )

Julie said...

Cool cuff Carol! Hope you're over the flu now.

Could you please send me a link to the gallery that's in danger of closing and I'll include the details on my blog? Many thanks. I will try and make a postcard myself too before the deadline.