Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mandala for Emmy WIp - also for TIF january

I have made a start on my mandala for Emmy, who was my January partner for the FAF page swap. I am obviously behind!!! I chose if you remember to page hamage to the styles of the amazing internet friends i have made over the last 2 years. So I chose Emmy and her's is the wedge on the bottom left. I have stitched in great amount on to gathered stretchy velevet that someone had sent me that was a lovely delicate green like the palette Sharon set. The next in a clockwise direction is in homage to Jan my good friend, who loves to recycle and so I have usd an only sample of bondaweb on twinle organza burnt back to reveal a turquoise sweety wrapper. Then we have Carol M and a piece of lutrador and lace, highlighted with gold and siler rub on's. The top wedge is for Lynda, and is stitched, painted in emulsion and then ink. and finally is little old me! I have woven some cream cotton and lace and I am going to embellish this with buttons and shell beads which I love.
The backing is a piece of painted cotton and I have left to integrate these to the background now.
This is my piece for Val for the calendr girls swap this month. Visit the group's blog to see more about this.


Carol said...

Carol, I am chuffed to be part of your mandala,I love the thinking behind your page and how you incorporated it into the TIF challenge as well.

Doreen G said...

Great work with the mandala piece and I love the card for val.

Jan said...

Wow Carol this piece is stunning and thanks for including me into your art.

Purple Missus said...

I am touched that you want to put me in your mandala. Maybe its best if we don't meet - wouldn't want to disillusion you **LOL**

CG card looks amazing - pink and puffy - very touchy feely.

Kim said...

Wonderful concept for the mandala and I especially like the double duty for TIF!

Emmy said...

you did a great job here I realy love it