Friday, February 15, 2008

Tif for January finished and a card for a friend

On wednesday Ellie may and I went here:

It was the Holiday on ice show in Cardiff. I don't know about Ellie but I was LOVING it, it was amazing. The headbangers were so close to the floor, the speed, the costumes were just superb, and Kyran Braken was sublime! You'd have thought I was the 4 year old, I didn't want to leave.

I have finally finished my January TIF challenge which I combined with Emmy's January page for FAF. Emmy's page needed to be a mandala and since mandala's are about self exploration I decided to link this to the TIF challenge of who inspires you. I decided that I would use inspiration from my blogging friends that have been so inspirational over the last 2 years, I would "steal" thier style!So clock wise from the top we have :

Lynda- stitched to paint with emulsion and then ink, beaded.

ME! - I have woven fabric and hand stitched and covered in buttons.

Emmy - I have used sme stretchy velvet and gathered it as I stitched, I tried to capture Emmy's style of covering in stitch, encrusting.

Jan - Jan loves to recycle and so I used a sweetie wrapper and stitched through twinkle organza and then melted back, I added a piece of melted felt and stitch.

Carol M - Lutrador ad lace, highlighted with metallic rub ons and fabric rolled beads.

I hope I have captured some of their style, but kept it my own.

Below is a card I made for a friend. I won't reveal who yet!


Jan said...

Wow Carol,your challenge work is super - a well considered piece incorporating allsorts but well integrated.
The ice show looked like fun, will this be a new hobby!!!!?
xxxxx Jan

Alis said...

I love your challenge Carol. Very pretty. And the card is gorgeous too.

I used to love to skate but enjoy watching these days. I always feel like a child at an ice show ;0)