Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fiberpaperarts workshop

Well it was the second Saturday of the month yesterday so it was workshop day at Fiberpaperarts. This is the name of the group of ladies from my college, who also have a yahoo group here. If you live in the south Wales area then join up it is a ot of fun. Yesterday was a playday, we regularly have some experienced tutors, such as Angie Hughes, Enid Davies and we are having Christine Benson next year but yesterday the founding members, Christine and Sandra did us a cheap day, which was a kinda stashbuster. The second half of the day for me was with Chirs, she did some texture using up old lace . I used up some horrid old ribbony trim stuf that has been in the stores for a guzzilion years, and just look how my piece turned out.
I think it needs a focal point but I love it! So will be working on it now to make a focal. In the morning I worked with Sandra on bonding. We worked on bondaweb sandwiches. These were delicate little trappings between painted bondaweb, burning back or not. Really lovely.
Here are mine, love the foil on the bottom right, that one bears more work. The bottom 2 pics aretraping using aqua bond. This is a cold water dissolvable that has a gummed side and this stops things moving around. I had never used it before but it was really easy to use, shame it is soooo expensive. Here's the front
And the back.
Wel it is father's day here in the UK and i can hear movement upstairs so Daddy must be waking up from his lie in, time for Ellie and I to go jump on hi I think! More on recent work later!


Jacquelines blog said...

Lovely colours CaroL !!!

Sandy said...

It looks like you had fun. Nice pieces.

Homeleightigger said...

They all look brilliant Carol - love the way they all link together - was that intentional. A day very well spent by the look of it. Val

sharon young said...

You really are lucky aren't you, all that wonderful scenery, beaches and brilliant tutors too. You look as if you had a great time, love what you've been doing with the lace.
Hope I'm forgiven for not dropping in, but it really was a flying visit.
I'm hoping to do the plant dye workshop with Claire Cawte at CIB on October 25th so maybe we could meet that w\e

Cathy W said...

Hi Carol,
This looks like fun, but I'm also writing to say:
"You've been Tagged"
(see my post June 12 post)

corryna said...

I like the colours and texture! And I love the last one, the back of the piece. Maybe it is even more beautiful than the front...