Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Very excited

Well Lynda has got me all excited about my industry unit again, I have been dabbling but not really making a dent in it so i played with some half embellished surfaces today and added misty fuse and Fibre in form foil I have been harbouring. I followed the recipy given in her WOW article. The backing for this is a piece of cotton painted with fabric paints.

This one is kunin felt.
Now this is what has really worked well is I have been annealing copper since the course I went on with Enid my lecturer and so this is a copper diamonds with acrylic rinting over it. The lighter diamonds are kitchen foil made into a fabric paper and painted in multiple layers of paint, incuding some stewart gill metallica which puffs up a little and looks really crunchy and corroded!YEY!
I am playing with cuffs for this unit and am supposed to be using automatic stitches but they are not doing it for me. I need some time to sit and play. I will probably use them to join component parts using solvy eventually. I am back on the horse anyway, having hardly touched fabric for about 3 weeks!
Cosing gambit, setting up the first spread in Ellie's book. No detail yet, except the castle.
But it is building!!!!!!


Doreen G said...

Jeez Carol when you get an idea you sure bolt ahead don't you.
Well done

Jacquelines blog said...

Looks great Carol. Colours goes wel together.

Jan said...

these tecniques really are working for you - great stuff.

Purple Missus said...

So pleased you enjoyed the article. Samples look really good.
And Ellies book is coming along a treat.

Sandy said...

Very nice. You really have gotten back to creating.