Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Look look look.....

Look what I got!
I got a lovely cuff, crocheted in embroidery cotton, my favourite! In Red and grey and silver and I love it!!!!!! and where did I get it, well my lovely lovely little sister Siani. She has only fairly recently started crocheting, but by god if that girl puts her mind to something boy does she master it. I love this cuff and I want to know how, so she has promised me a dummies guide! (By the way how good do my nails look! Glad I pinched the nippers High school musical nail varnish now!)

Also I have complete my hand stitch lottery ATC for Zoe. The lottery paired me with Zoe again poor thing! I used my first ever piece of felt made at a workshop in school that my good friend Sandra came and did for me. I love these colours, and I am pleased with my card. I got Herringbone stitch in the lottery.


hippopip said...

What a great cuff,my Grandama taught me to crochet but we never made anything as superb as this

Stitchety Grub said...

I luv the crocheted cuff - just faaabulous!
Britt West Aus :D