Thursday, September 04, 2008

Doors spread finished.

My door spread for my soul journal is finally (maybe) finished. I added to the page with a ball point biro.
I went for cirles on this door surround, I added hearts from my photocopies, and sewed buttons for handles.
I added to this door, made a surround to make the frame stand out. I also added the cross hatching in the corners and the hearts. I used a fork to make the marks in light green.

Love the way the words elegant and stylish ended up on these doors.

I decided for the inside of the other door I would do a similar thing to the other one I showed you the other day, and it is below, for you to see as I have added tape to the doors. The inside of the doors above have dried pressed flowers from my holiday in the pockets. They fell on our balcony, and I pressed them and then so far the bright pink colour has stayed, I hope it does, maybe as they dried so quick, it was 52 degrees out in Zante so maybe!

and here is the other door with added tape! I love how these turned out and so grateful to Sarah for what i have learned. I don't think I have copied Sarah'sstyle, which is the best bit, mine and her's don't look at all alike, and this really pleases me as i feel like finaly maybe I am finding something of my own style, I feel like I made this mine.


Julie said...

Well done Carol, this looks great! I love that you made those marks with a fork!

Sandy said...

Your doors are wonderful.

Jackie said...

52 degrees? I hope Symi isn't that hot. How did you cope?

arlee said...

Well done! Love the colours and motifs.

Alis said...

Carol, this is a very beautiful spread. The doors are so gorgeous you want to reach out to touch them and then look inside. Wonderful!

MargaretR said...

Dwi wrth fy modd hefo hwn Carol!!

KathrynAntyr said...

I do so love how these turned out. Great detailing. Love what you did with that ball point pen.
{soul hugs}