Thursday, September 25, 2008

Healing love

I thought I would go close to home in this sul journal piece. I don't want to talk too much about who and why, but I will tell you about some of the elements. The shape for the border was from a tomato passata logo, I did have to trace it onto my cereal packet to make the stencil as I haven't used the passata yet! and if I cut it it would make a frightful mess!!!!!! We had to, Cut ou working from left top round:
1. Colour with a gel pen.
2. Make a dotted border.
3. Make 2 lines o crosses.
4. Colour with a variety of pens.
5. Paint in a diffeent shade ( I added gel pen too)
6. Draw a spiral.
7. Cut out random or meaningful words or numbers.
8. Scribble.
9. Draw and colour a heart.
10. Stamp the person's name.
11 - I added this as I felt it looked odd with 10, marker and gel pen spiral.
If you want to check out more about this, have a look at Kathryn Artyr's blog Collage diva.
Hope your al well!!!

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Linda said...

Wonderful artwork - and very, very special(I've read the forum comments).
Love Linda