Sunday, September 21, 2008

More instant gratification

Kathryn's opener to our new soul journal was an instant gratification piece, no gesso, no priming just a magazine cut out heading, lines and words! I was bored last night after doing a ton of admin for the new job and so I remebered I had snagged a nice pic in school when my kids were doing a collage inspration/mood board thing. I thought the guy ooked so free, so away I went. The nice thing abut this is it's quick, no fuss, doodle away. I realy enjoyed it.
I wanted to point the non embroiderers that read this blog in the direction of Maggie Grey's blog. She is the lady who is causing the mystery of the soggy catalogue! I don't think this one is for the journallers amongst you, believe it or not I am an embroiderer first, but you would never know it as I haven't done any thing for a bit and am so enjoying journalling. For those who come here looking for stitch I am back to it soon, I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye for now!


arlee said...

Love that page, it really flows!
I think some of us are "stocking up" on ideas with our "paper arts"/paper work lately :} Back to the stitching soon enough when we are charged up again!

Sandy said...

It doesn't look like it was easy-nice page.

kiwicarole said...

Hey Carol I really love this page! Less really is more!


Julie said...

I'm just back from holiday and my catalogue is now out in the garden too after beilg dunked in a bucket! My Soul Journal is resting on the back burner hopefully I'll pick up the threads soon.

hippopip said...

Hi Carol Have been trying to email you without sucess, if you email me at I will send you more details of the Angie Hughes class

Linda said...

Carol this is brilliant - so effective and vibrant. I really love it!
Linda x