Thursday, September 18, 2008

Permission to be free

I have really enjoyed playing with this. Kathryn's prompts have taken over the mantle of Sarah's Soul Journal really well.First we used the photocopier to "Press glass". I used paper clips and my ovely purple tape measure as I have said before. Then we did a permission slip. It is hidding in the envelope at the bottom of the page. I will show you the permission sip in a bit, It was funny doing it since I right them for a billion reasons in school, but tis was something I had to realy think over! The next part was to collect things from life, and just when I thought that I had nothing but my stash, I recieved my bookmark from Sarah, and she had stamped the envelope with really nice tickety stamps. I also found a ticket in my stash, and some diamonds that were embossed. I glued these on and softened with an ink pad and a make up sponge. We then had to draw dots and arrows ready to Journal. The next part involves the comments made to my blog and I want to say a BIG BIG thank you to all those who have given me such wonderful comments. I am so thankful, Iam very tired, the new job is hitting hard and starting C+G level 4 is scarry, so some positive affermations are just what the doctor ordered. Talking of C+G, my first project is a research project on a historical aspect and then a comptemporary use. I have chosen armour and I am now researching contemporary fashion based on armour so anyone with any good links I would love to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks in advance!!!
Here it is!

Here is my Permission statements. Lots of mine are about anxiety, I am a worrier and a panicker, and I seem to sometimes live my life in a knot deep in the it of my stomach.

Closing shot - here is my progres on my catalogues - the look a bit scuffed up and weather beaten. I did water it today however as we have had unseasonably good sunshine here in Wales today. Hope you are all getting that too!


Linda said...

Hi Carol..its good to see how you are progressing with these pages. I struggled at first but now things are starting to come together. I like your permission slip - you have chosen well. I also used some things from Sarah's letter - snap!!!
Well done for spotting the Botticelli...and thanks for the comment.
Love Linda x

Paula Hewitt said...

I like the idea of permission slips. grat looking pages. goodluck with level 4.

Purple Missus said...

Love the idea of the permission slip - think I would probably need an A4 size of paper though :)

And I don't know if you realise this, but the Ikea catalogue will not grow however much you water it **LOL**

Just hope the neighbours never saw you. I've put mine under a bush.

Sandy said...

YOu've been busy-nice pages. It's good to have permission.

hippopip said...

Well my catalogue looks more dog eared than yours I think the slugs have been at it, we have giant ones over here, in fact after this wet summer I think they are taking over the country.Many thanks for your followers icon I was very honoured

Mary S Hunt said...

your permission pages are beautiful
and we all need permission from ourself seems
and why do we???
we tell others they shouldn't need to ask permission
why do we feel we can't be the same
hmph that i never have figured out
i went to the site that was to explain the deal about the catalog but i couldn't figure out just what you are growing here
explain to me pleeeeze

Cathy W said...

I need to write my own permission slip too : permission to play, to try, to just be me.

(but who do I get to sign it?)