Monday, September 29, 2008

Swansea Museum exhibition and new work..... at last!

Our evening class for C+G had it's first exhibiton of work outside of the college this week, and Marg who set it up, did the most fab job. Also the person at the museum did a great job of hanging it. Here is the poster, how lush is it!!!!This was one of my favourite pieces, it is by Sandra Stacey, and is felt and stitch. Don't you love the colouring of it.

This piece is also felt and is by Marg, now I am sure she won't ind me telling you she is a significant age, but she is the sharpest, most creative lady I know! Her piece is based on cave painting.

Here is a view of the main corridor.
and here is my monster of a piece. It is based on Water on the sand. I am so pleased with it - seeing it properly hung.

Here's a close up!

My little bracelets are in the big display case too.

This is also Sandra's and I had to show you the amazing detail that this piece includes,

It is a background of printed fabric, and then the letters are on organza, each letter is stitched out onto disolvable and then attatched to the organza, how fab! It is the lord's prayer in welsh and english.It is an amazing piece of work.

and finally I started to work in my new sketchbook. It is based on a battle axe, and is the start of my work on armour. I did the squares with molding paste and the curve is painted foil. Funny I didn't really realise I used brown until after, Arlee, I am getting the brown bug again!!!!


arlee said...

Oh Russset and Umber Queen i bow before you :}
I'd like to see more of that creature you created!!!!!

Purple Missus said...

I remember your water on sand piece and you're right it looks even more wonderful hanging. You did a really good job there.Its hard to get an idea of exactly how large it is until you see it in the photo hanging at the end of the main corridor. I bet it attracted a lot of attention.
Love the page in your new sketchbook. Would really like to see this in textile form.

Sharon said...

Hi Carol, we talked yesterday but I didn't get a chance to visit. Wow your sand and water piece is impressive. I would love to see it in person.
And I love what you have done in your new sketchbook. Very nice.

Alis said...

I think it is a splendid exhibition and yes, the poster is very lush.

Your work is just awe inspiring. Long may it continue.

JP said...

well done - the exhibiton looks great - I don't know how you do sooooo much- work , Mum, wife and Artist - no necessarily in that order!!!!!!!!!

Gail P said...

All of the work looks amazing! Good show! Love your piece!

hippopip said...

What a talented group you belong to and your water on sand piece is great you must be very satisfied, well done

Kayla coo said...

I saw your comment on Karens blog that you teach textiles.
I work part time in a school and help out in textiles GCSE.
I have enjoyed looking at your journals.

Sandy said...

Nice exhibit.

linda stokes said...

Looks like a wonderful exhibition, congratulations on your work.
I like your journals too.

Cathy W said...

Oh My! Wish I were there to drool up close to (but not on) each piece.

Job extremely well done by one & all!