Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finding my way

I want to say how fantastic you all are, I have some amazing friends who have reminded me about the path i want to be on, and how to keep on it. I am really grateful for all of your kind words and suggestion, all are noted and you should know I haven't been idle. I have been working on my first card for Calendar girls. I somehow ended up with 3!!!! I used cotton calico and painted it with fabric paint. I then wrapped it up in a kind of shibori method and painted it randomly with copper acrylic. This gave a nice feeling of movement. I am not too worried about it being an identical copy of the picture but want to get the feel of it. The original picture is by Shane Pickett and chosen by Debbi. I started off with pearl beads.
But this was too stark for me, so I hand stitched, with twisted chain stitch in brown and copper, and added smaller pear beads. Better!

I made a quick ATC from the of cuts as I owe an ATC to Domi in France. I changed the orientation this time.
and finally when I painted the fabric I couldn't find a piece of drop paper to protect the kitchen table so grabbed some foil and hen left it on here to dry on the radiator. When I peeled it off the foil was painted too and so I couldn't resist, I thought the crinkled foil would be good for the outback. I added some copper acrylic for a bit of interest. Hand stitches, twisted chain again, and pearl beads. It isn't wonky in real life, I will rephotograph tomorrow as the light is so poor, the top of this one is much blacker in real life, it is so hard to photograph metallics. I am going to give Sandy, my Partner for January her pick and then I am going to give away one of the cards in a lottery to one of the people who commented on my last post, to say thank you. Watch out for who in the next few days.
So I hope this is te start of me being focused, I am going to work on my "body" of work still, and make as though I am going to exhibit, and then when it is done ( let's hope!!!) I may find somewhere to exhibit it. Thanks again to all those who cared enough to comment.
Love Carol T


Judy Scott said...

you go girl!!! you will get through this ~ these are all fab, keep on going on :) sending a big hug to keep you going ~ Judy xxx

Sandy said...

They all look good. It was a nice calendar photo to work with.

Nellie's Needles said...

It's a positive thing that you feel profound disappointment in the cancellation of the C&G course. That's the only way to really get over it and ON WITH IT. This project is a mighty fine start. There is no doubt that you're an accomplished textile artist who is making a BIG mark in this world ... at least the cyber one.

Jackie said...

This is very good and very positive work. You don't really need a course do you?

(By the way, I have had a bit of unpleasantness with another blogger accusing me of putting links to my blog, on hers. I hadn't done that. I notice there are some links to my blog at the end of this post. I don't know why they are here but if you don't want them go to settings and find the 'backlinks' bit and choose 'do not allow'.I'm sorry it happens but I don't know how I can stop it.)

Doreen G said...

Now that's my girl -see you can do it.
Wonderful cards-lucky Sandy who gets to choose one.

Pat said...

Three terrific cards(and ATC), that's a hard choice for Sandy.