Saturday, January 31, 2009

What I did last night

Well as i said with Craig having the flu I was on a roll. Here is a padded heart I made to sell at the college, hopefully if will appeal to the kids!
It is stamped with Stayz-on and has a felt heart with pearl beads and buttons. I found 4 little sets of mini alphabets at the Range yesterday at 99p each so was so leased to use them straight away! The is lots of raggy applique and machine made cords from the off cuts of the hearts. Love the shabby look!

This one is much bigger, about 6x6 inches and has the same processes. It is for Dotti and will be mailed out today. I also added a gathered net to this one.

This next piece is for Deb, my friend who is just getting into blogging and is in my sidebar if you want to check her out, she sells amazing painted and hand dyed fabrics. Now I know it is like sending coal to Newcastle but I had to use this stuning hand dye I did, in a jar. Her house theme is Home is where the heart is and while being on a heart roll, I went to town!!!! I made te front o the house a pocket and filed it with 3 little heats.

On the front of the house is a roof in gold satin that was hard edge appliqued and beaded. The windows are a thick silver foil - off the top of fish food!!!! Stamped and hard edge appliqued again. The door is glue gun glue with a stamp pressed in and embossing powder over the top, cured with the heat gun, and there is a little suprise behind the door.
This is what is in the pocket, felt FME'd and buttons and hand stitch

and on the back are those stamps again, with word I fet Deb would like, would be important to her, make her home where her heart is!

Hope you like them girls!
I have now had a brain wave and am going to be making little hearts flat out, my classroom is very under equiped and the equipment is old and recked, I have had 3 bobbin cases nicked and so only have 3 machines working at the mo, so i am going to make tonnes of padded hearts to sell on the yard at school at a £1 for the kids to send to each other. I may make some for my folksy shop too, do you think people would buy them??? Love carol t


Alis said...

Your hearts are just wonderful and I feel sure you will sell out.
I love the house too. Great idea to put the hearts in there.
You are most definitely on a roll.
Long may it last.

Deborah said...

I (heart) the house, can't wait for the postie next week. Great idea to sell to the kids they will love them

Cathy W said...

Oh I too love the home filled with love! and selling soft puffies to kids at school sounds like a grand idea! I'm inspired to go make my own off I go, right this very minute!

Lynda said...

What a great idea! I think anyone would give £1 for one of the lovely hearts - you could start a trend! Good luck!

jan said...

Your wonderful HeartFull house inspired me to create one for a special friend. She's recently returned to the US after an absence of 7 years and I wanted to welcome her back to her new home. I've been racking my brain as to how to roll that together along with the upcoming Valentine holiday and your project fills the bill superbly. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your idea. Thank you for the inspiration.