Saturday, January 31, 2009

Marie's Textile challenge week 1

Marie has us all whipped in to shape over on TC, this weeks challenge is to stop what your doing and make an ATC in 15 minutes, using only 5 "ingredients" So I duely did! I grabbed the left overs from cutting out hearts and snipped them into a big pile, ingredient 1. Next a piece of gold glittery net, ingedient 2. Then I free machined some lines and hearts (thread doesn't count!) Ingredient 3 was a stamped word and 4 a button.
And here it is but I wasn't finished. I went back and added a gathered stip of black net. I couldn't stick to the 15 minutes unfortunately, it took me 20 minutes but what a lovey 20 min! I am obviously infected with hearts as I had no plan before starting
I had a blast, what will she come up with next week. If you want to come play the link is in the sidebar!

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