Saturday, January 17, 2009

Positive strides

Well my positive strides continue and I am feeling the most comfortable in my own skin I have been for a while. That mainly comes from doling out advice to others and finally deciding to take some of my own. Last week I was able to go to college for the whole day, and everyone was at loggerheads and so I was dishing out the tellings off! I told all to go back and focus on the work. and so I took my own advice. I started working in my sketchbook again, having only completed 3 pages previously I was pleased to quickly have done 4 more! Yey! Here are 2:

So as a result I have been playing around with scales, as in scale armour. I am currently playing with painted foil, and wall papers, which have a lovely embossed effect. These are part of a plan for a £25 item, retail, for one unit of City and Guilds level 4.

The purple triangle is my first go at colouring/ dyeing with transfer powders brought to the boil, after endless days painting pelmet vilene, NO MORE!!!! Drop it in boiling transfer dye and this is the strength just the tip of the tea spoon sized amount will give, so great! Lots of possibilities here!


MargaretR said...

Mae'r gwaith yma yn gret! Dal ati ar y sketchbook. Treulio'r pnawn yn edrych ar fy blogs. Heb gael amser i wneud ers talwm iawn!

Sandy said...

WOW! Great work.

ANNA said...

What fantastic work!!! Wish my sketchbook looked like this!!

Judy Scott said...

Hi Carol, I need one of your tellings off, cannot get back on track at all. Love the the pages you created and the work that came from them ~ the transfer paint looks brilliant and such a strong colour from such a small amount ~ must try and remember this tip, have a good week, Judy xxx

Alis said...

Well if that is the result of a telling off, can you come across the water and tell me off please!

Your work is wonderful. ~Truly inspiring.
Like Anna, I wish my sketchbook was half as good as yours.

Julie said...

Well done Carol. Can you patent the telling off? We could all use it if this is the result! :o)