Thursday, April 05, 2007

Doors challenge and C+G project 2

So no rest for the wicked! On to project 2 - Boundaries. Based on a FAT journal quilt challenge that I have submitted to QA magazine (see previous post) I made "The devil's in the details journal quilt and I researched the deadly sins. So when boundaries came up as a task I decided to do spiritual boundaries - How far will you go? I have done a lot of research into the sins and found they were links to both animal and colours for each sin. So my JQ became a sample and i decided based on the Doors and windows challenge on Textile challenges to do the doors to each sin. I knew what would do behind each door but had no idea what to do for the doors. So after looking at Rodin's gates to hell sculpture and a number of other works I decided on a gothic door. The sketch shows what I am aiming for and the other pic is of the background so far. This is my first proper mixed media piece I have used tissue and silver foil on to pelmet vilene. I stamped the top piece with a fluer de lis paper punch and stitched it on and stitched on the steps at the bottom. I printed the hands with a rubber stamp onto hand made paper and then put them under the layer of tissue and put a wash of cream emulsion over the lot. I wanted the hands to look like sinners were trying to get out! I have to put the detail in with stitch next!
As this is my first go at this I would love to know what you think, do you think it looks ok?


Sue B said...

I'll tell you what I think: I think it's very cool! I like the direction you're going in with the hands and I like the texture that's coming across in the entire piece.

Carol said...

I too like the direction you are going in and can't wait to see this piece progress.