Monday, April 02, 2007

Peacocks and beads

I made these paper beads for my hanging and i thought I would mention how I made them. I layed up paper with PVA watered down and then scrumpled a piece of tissue and let it fall on the PVA, then smooth out with a wet brush to leave cracks. When dry i painted it with watered down acrylic in raw umber and yellow ochre, and peobo metallic copper fabric paint. Then I cut them up into long trianles the length of the paper. With thin PVA I painted the back of the paper and then rolled it up around a piece of wire. Sorry the photo is a bit grainy, my camera does not like close ups. This is the challenge for April on TC, so i thought I would get in early. But i do intend to do some fabric and tyvek ones when i get five!

I took Ellie to the Gower heritage centre yesterday, and i am ashamed to say i have never been there before, I didn't know how much was there. Anyway it was fab! We saw this big boy! I loved him and he was dead tame I could go right up to him, like 20 CM away! As you will see Ellie was not so sure! You can see Nannie was holding her close. I got obsessed with photographing him. I could see a project! I also photographed lots of machinery and cogs and stuff as they looked like potential too.


MargaretR said...

Mae'r paen yn fendigedig ond mae Ellie a Nannie yn well!
Dwi'n siwr y bydd llawer o waith yn cael ei wneud ar ol y trip yma.

Judy Scott said...

How lovely ~ first I love the beads I have to make some like this and they look fab. Ellie is a sweetheart with her lovely Nan. I didnt realise you could get so close to peacocks ~ what a beauty ~ I must post photos of my city and guilds work, I did a sample using a peacock theme (I know, me and about five thousand others). Hope you have a wonderful day, Love Jude xx