Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lynda's inchie's

Lynda wanted black and white for her inchies and I had a blast doing them. The first thing I found the day we saw the peacock (regular blog readers may remember him) It was a black and white spotted guinea foul feather. I decided to felt this into a kunin felt inchie. I had a needle felt hand tool for my birthday last year and haven't really used it. I then made the centre of this felting into a nest and added a white bead egg! I did some of the stitches we did on tast and on some I decided to use the VCH emulsion technique in honour of Lynda who has trialled this on her blog. I stitched first then painted with emulsion and when dry with ink, but it all went a sluggy grey so I painted it with black acrylic and then highlighted with emulsion. It was great fun, and I loved making these.

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Purple Missus said...

These really do look good Carol. Can't wait to see them for real. I've always been a sucker for black and white - must be reminiscent of my 'pop art' days in the sixties - OK - maybe not!!