Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Doors finally worked!!!

Tonight I finally got time to work on my doors. I have only done the first, but I think the rest will come more quickly now I know what I am doing. I am so pleased with it as it is exactly how I have imagined in my head. We have had an interesting debate on Textile challenges this week about how we work and arrive at an idea, started by Leanne. This idea, though some thumbnail sketches have been made in my sketch book (which is taken apart so I can colour up all the pages!) I couldn't actually draw this piece. It is all about the surface and the texture and the sublty of the coloue for me. I rubbed the foil back with a brush to show a bit more of the sparkle of it through the emulsion. Other than that it is just the free machining. Just what's behind the door left now.


MargaretR said...

Mae'r drws yn gret.
Hwyl! Mags

Purple Missus said...

And I second what Mags said - I think :))
Seriously though, its looking very good Carol.

Carol said...

Its great Carol, can't wait to see whats behind the door.

Clevelandgurlie said...

How beautiful Carol. It's not very often things work out as we intend them to -- you are such a wonderful talent. Thank you for sharing.

Cathie R.