Saturday, April 07, 2007

New header and "Blogger Angel"

Hi all, I want to tell you about the fabulous tutorial by Brenda on how to personalise your banner on you blog. The tutorial is here:
Not only is the tutorial really simple, but as I am a proper techno learner I needed some extra help and I emailed Brenda. Having never met me before she held my hand through about 8 emails and coped with my official "thicky" status with aplomb! Thank you Brenda for your time and patients I am most grateful as it is something I have been trying to work out for sometime and I am ecstatic at the finished result. I am most grateful "blogger angel".


MargaretR said...

hI carol. That's what I have been doing all afternoon and evening too. Just can't get it to go at the top.
Mae hyn yn boen. Pan fyddi di wedi llwyddo, wnei di adale i mi wybod sut?

Susan D said...

Hi Carol, love your new blog header. I did one a while back but haven't had a go at putting it on my blog but I'll have to do it know can't be left out now can I.