Saturday, August 23, 2008

Arch for Pam and work on the quilt.

I promised to help out Gillian as part of my list mom dutoes with catching up with her arches. She was owing Pam, who i actually know and as well as being a TC member is part of my C+G class and Fibrepaperarts group. I decided to take Pam's arch on holiday with me. I had coloured up some fabric ages ago and was itching to use it up. It was a wadding type thing, but I dyed it using the jar method, using two colours. I had also some fabric left from Sun printing with ferns and I thought they tied together nicely. So I hand seeded and cross stitched the sun prints in place and then did some fern stitch on the back. I used a bit of jar dyed cotton for the edging too.
This was all I managed on my quilt, just the outlining of the rivetted strips and some seeding. Much left to do now! I am fast running out of time, and don't seem to have any motivation. I will have to get my finger out!!!


Julie said...

I love the dyed fabric in the arch and the sunprints.
Also your quilt has a beautiful surface with the metallic effect and the hand sewing. I hope you find the motivation to finish it. I do like the rivetted edge.

Sandy said...

That's a great arch. Love the other surface too.

Teena in Toronto said...

Looks lovely!

Happy blogoversary!