Friday, August 22, 2008

Home at last!

I am back at last! I have had a lovely restful time. No computer, no telly, just sun and water! I thought I would show you a few pics before I show you the little work I did while away.
Me and Ellie!
A better one, plus How many chins!!!!!
The church of St Dennis, Zackynthos town.
I spent a good bit of time photographing wrought iron!
and finally the obligitory boat shot!!!!!!!!! We had a lovely time and did nothing really, which is I guess the point. I will take some pics of the arch and the start of my quilting that I did while away and show you over the weekend! Love carol T

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Julie said...

Hi Carol, welcome back :) Sounds as tho you had a wonderful restful time. You look very healthy and relaxed.