Sunday, August 24, 2008

Misfit - madness!

I was astonished at what I came up with in Sarah's next prompt. She had us doodle a shape and then squint at it until we saw a character appear. I was astonished to see a yoga lady in mine. She needed a belly button, and some toes, and another curlfor her hair, but other than that she was a doodle, honestly! She then asked us to write about a time when we felt like a misfit, and then the super powers we would like to over come these feelings. Now the yoga lady made me think of how I feel about when I went to pilates and how I feel about myself and excersise. I have found writing real easy with Sarah's prompts, Thank you Sarah.
I have my self portrait using my fingers only to paint, left to do and I am hoping my appeal to Sarah for a closing prompt will finish the last spread, and then I have the cover left to do.
I wanted to put an appeal here, I have been asked to teach a days workshop in mixed media, now the organiser likes a finished ish piece at the end of these days. I have some techniques I want to do with them but I have no idea what to make. It is in december and so they want a christmas based thing / a gift maybe?, anyone got any ideas??? If so I would love some help. Thanks.
Now don't forget to leave a comment on my last post to be in with a chance of winning my bookmark for my blogiversary. Thanks to everyone for my lovely comments and birthday wishes, I am a ridiculous 33 this year, oh I wish i was 17 again!


Sandy said...

SHe is wonderful and looks happy with herself. 33 is young-I'm twice that but enjoyed each age.

Sarah Whitmire said...

Your misfit is WONDERFUL!!

For your last prompt how about a spread on "Doors"? Think about symbolic doors you have gone through in your life. Doors you have closed. Doors you have yet to open. You may even wish to make them open and close and add journaling and photos behind them.



Angelcat said...

I love your yoga lady!

I'm one behind you on the years thing, we're not that ancient yet! ;)

Ruth said...

How about a book cover, a bag or a box of some kind?

Your yoga lady is cool.

Inspired Joy said...

Carol, thanks for visiting my blog and adding your comments.

Your quilt has some of my favorite colors. I hope you will keep posting your progress photos.

Your "fitness" pages are so real and make me think of my trips to the gym.

Gail P said...

Sweet of you to check in with my blog! Things are okay in my world. Happy Birthday! You're younger than my daughters by a few years! Love what you've been doing, but then I always do! HUGS!

Carol said...

I love your yoga lady Carol, gorgeous colours.

Christy said...

I'm not sure what you are doing for you class but you could do a gift tag book and use a folded standard letter size sheet of paper as a 'holder' for them. Then 4 or 6 tags placed in the pockets and then they can decorate them with the various techniques you have in mind.
I just love your mis-fit. I still can't believe I made something recognizable from a scribble.

Christy said...

Alrighty this will give you a bit of an insight into what makes me, well, me. I can't stop thinking of things for your class. Have you decided on something yet? I was thinking if they (your students for this class) have not done them before you could do ATCs. Then at the end of the class they could 'trade' them. Seems like that might be fun yes? So you are going to have to post about your class so I can stop being OCD and thinking of things to do for it. LOL