Sunday, August 03, 2008

Arch from Arlee

I thought I would show you the lovely arch that Arlee sent me, it is such a pleasure to see Arlee's work up close, to assess the different layers of work. I love the bubbled cello plastic that she has trapped inside the arch and the hard wear on the front. I would love to know where you get things ike this from Arlee, if your reading this!
and the back is a beautiful as the front. Thanks Arlee. It's a beaute!


inge said...

hello Carol,

I'm finally able to visit all my souljournalcompagnions...

The arch you got really is a beauty. I got a present from Kathryn Antyr from collagediva and it's also an arch with one of her digital collages on. Really beautiful, but I want to do something more with it and these arch gives me inspiration !

great what you've done with your daughter ! When you start doing things like that when they are young , you give them an enourmous treasure for the future !

Your pages in your journal look great : colorful and rich. I The idea of the drawing with the tippexpen is great : I always have difficulties to write with a pen when there is paint underneath.

Inge from Belgium

arlee said...

The hardware is actually a clothing clasp--i buy pieces of everything i like from everywhere! I check out *every* trims/notions/beads/buttons section in EVERY store i go into :}
Glad you like it, my sweet!

Sandy said...

That's a great arch. Lucky you.

Cathy W said...

Wow, Arlee's works is truly awesome! I love the back as much as the front!!! Lucky you & way to go Arlee!