Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sarah's home work

Sarah's been on a break for her anniversary so she left us some home work. 1 was to write about our SJ experience, which I did, and is useful but not pretty so I am not going to bother posting it here. The other was to revisit the tape page. I decided the only medis I would like on here was balck biro, so that is what I did I just drew! Starting with the shape I had cut on the edge of the page.
I have a thing for diamonds, so I played with that.
I like how it is now, I just have to re paint over the gesso that I had spilt over the edge when I painted the next page.
WEll thi si smy last post before I go on hols tonight. I'll be here if anyone needs me!!!!!!


SianaBanana said...

Have a nice time sis, and see you when you get back for your birthday. I have already finished your presie and its all wrapped and ready!! sorry to tease you with it :)


KathrynAntyr said...

oooh you have a birthday coming up? Email to me your mailing address and I'd like to send you a little birthday surprise.

hmmm you like diamonds. They are a girls best friend.

Love the photo. Is this close to you? The water's color is so lovely and inviting.

I just posted my taped page, or at least my latest version of it.

Purple Missus said...

Any room in your suitcase for me???

Have a wonderful time - see you when you get back. :)

Virginia said...

Brilliant Carol..Love it..Have a great holiday!!!

Sandy said...

I like the tape page. I'm going on holiday too.

Jan said...

Bon Voyage ..... feet up and relax.
love Jan xxxx

Sandy..... said...

I just recently came across Sarah's Soul Journaling and plan on starting myself, too.
Your pages are beautiful!

Linda said...

Fabulous pages - well done! Have a brilliant holiday, we'll miss you.
Linda x

Julie said...

Great pages Carol. I am lagging way behind! Have a super holiday -it looks beautiful!

Mary S Hunt said...

Happy Birthday

your pages turned out very well...I can tell you put a lot of your soul into them...
have a great holiday.

LaY hOoN said...

This is awesome ! I'm one of the Soul Journal followers too :)