Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I have been tagged by Sharon and since she is on her sick bed i will give it a go, having recently done one. 7 things about me:
1. I am married and have one lovely daughter. My hubby is registered Blind, and can only see a little, so life in our house is a bit of a laugh a minute when things go wrong! No one tell him (he doesn't read this!) he once gave a video back to a cardboard cut out of Baby spice!
2. I have no work space, I do all my creating at the kitchen or coffee table. I have two shelves and a bit of space by the dining table. I envy all of you having a dedicated space.
3. I have no idea what my favourite colour is, people ask me this all the time and i am never sure of the answer. i change my mind all the time.
4. I speak Welsh as my first language, and always write this on forms even though i have very little practice other than Ellie. My main practice partner is Mags over at digital Gran blog! Thanks Mags for giving me the chance to keep it up!
5. I am fed up of Annie the musical - Ellie is obsessed! i must have watched it 6 times is 3 days!
6. i don't really like holidays - especially the long 6 weeks holiday in the summer. I am not comfortable with being idle, I have to be busy or I get depressed!
7. I hate cleaning - there's always something more interesting to do!
Hope this is what you wanted Sharon! I am not going to tag anyone as I see that lots of my blog friends have been tagged already!


MargaretR said...

Dydw i ddim yn hoffi cael fy tagio ond mi wnes i fwynhau dy un di. Na, dydw inna ddim yn un am llnau chawaith.

Dianne said...

Your life sounds so busy and full! Thanks for sharing a part of it with us....

Carol said...

Thank you for sharing a little bit more about yourself Carol.