Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thank you for NJ

For some time now I have been a member of FAt (Fibre art traders) and have got to know Norma jean the list mom really well. She has helped me when i have had listmom troubles and is a constant source of support and help. So when I got am email from her moderator Vix asking if I would like to make a journal quilt to celebrate the 2nd birthday of FAT I was in!
The timing co-insided with Sue B's Artist muse group and as I had already started working on the Friendship theme for my mandala i decided to use the same imagery for NJ's JQ. I used the same acrylics on cotton and the same symbolism as the mandala (previously blogged) and only had to ammend the layout due to the more rectangular shape. the funny part came when I had to put a binding on . To be honest i had been avoiding doing a binding, big chicken and so I set diligently to work. I got on great but then on pressing the binding over I forgot it was synthetic and totally melted one side. As I knew NJ would find this hysterical i let it on and pieced in a new piece. I loved this piece and wished I could keep it. But I knew it was in better hands with NJ. Happy 2nd birthday NJ and thanks for the inspiration.


Maureen said...

The Piece for Nj is Gorgeous.......just as well Vix included those tissues in the parcel hey!
Having had personal experience of Njs big heart I know she will love this,bbqed edging and all!

Leanne Hurren said...

This is GORGEOUS Carol - my favourite colours. Can you tell us some more about techniques?

MargaretR said...

Dwi'n hoffi hwn Carol. Gwyliau hapus.

Clevelandgurlie said...

Hi Carol!
This is absolutely lovely -- and the texture - hand beading and stitching -- magnificient.
Beautiful work.