Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dyeing ready for play day

Ellie is off to nursery tomorrow and so I have been laying the ground work for lots of play last night and today. I managed to get two pieces of cotton, two polyester mixes and some wool of some description, I think quilters use it for the middles of some quilts maybe? in to dye. I also made my first silk fusion last night too. I had ordered the fibre and medium from Joggles months ago with no idea of a project, but I have to make a light for one of my C+G resolved pieces for design. It will be for my colour unit so I thought you don't get more vibrant than this!

I don't know if it will work but I plan to try using paper punches on it. I am going to make some sort of woven structure from it as it has to link with my mandala piece that I showed you some weeks ago. Here is the cotton drying on the radiator. I did the jar dyeing with two colours this time as advised by Mags .
This is the wool blankety stuff, i think I may do some embellishing on it, and it may become the front cover of the sketchbook for the unit as it is so bright and vibrant.
The polyester mix came up very wimpy indeed, I will use it for samples no doubt, perhaps with a little more layers of paint and stamps it will be ok?
Hope those of you caught in the dreadful weather in the UK are all safe and well and not suffering too much. The stories have been so dreadful, hopefully things will get back to normal soon for everyone. Three weeks and counting to my holidays now, first time abroad for Ellie and the first hols we have had since having her, so can't wait. I will be missing lots while away though, my blogs first birthday and my own 32nd birthday! Nevermind can't wait!


Susan D said...

I can see that you are like me and like bright colours nothing wishy washy.

Dianne said...

Lovely colour silk paper - very vibrant. Would love to know how the paper punch works on the silk paper..... (thanks!!

Homeleightigger said...

All the stuff looks very promising Carol - have a great day playing!
Look forward to seeing the results.

Alis said...

I'm just loving the colours Carol!

It will be interesting to see the progress of your piece.

I love silk fusion, I must have a play at that again.

Hugs, Alis